Are You A Prisoner Of The Internet?

Are You A Prisoner Of The Internet?

The internet is something which virtually everyone uses daily. In fact, you’re using the internet to read this right now. It is something which is used on a daily basis by billions of people. The internet can be greatly used for things like school and work. Also, the internet is also used for fun like games, and social media. If you start out with one simple task it is easy to lose track and travel deep into the internet. Here are 7 stages of delving into the internet.

1. Just a simple task

Maybe you went online to shop for your Mom’s birthday present. Maybe you were just bored and wanted to kill time. Maybe you had a checklist and needed to pay some bills. Whatever the reason was, it made you go onto the internet. Logging on your computer may not seem like much, but it is enough to trap you and never let go.
2. What is this?

This is when your mind starts wandering. You see the ads on the side of the page and you suddenly want to shop. Perhaps the ad is not something you want, but you get reminded of that old . . .

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