How to Keep Pets off the Furniture

How to Keep Pets off the Furniture

Pets are wonderful companions that can make any place feel like home. Sometimes, however, pets can get territorial over pieces of furniture, or leave a trail of shed fur all over a clean couch or bed. When these inconveniences arise, it's important to teach your pet to stay off the furniture. Learning how to break these bad habits can help you train your pets to stay off the furniture for good.
1) Providing Alternatives

Get your pet a comfy bed. Before you can train your dog or cat out of sleeping on the couch or bed, you'll need to give your pet a comfortable alternative. You probably won't have much luck keeping your pet off the furniture if you don't provide some kind of alternative.[1] In fact, some pets are better off sleeping on soft furniture, due to arthritic pain or discomfort sleeping on the floor.[2] A dog or cat bed can help provide your pet with a comfortable place to sleep without causing you any inconvenience.

Get your cat a condo. If your cat continually climbs on furniture and it's causing you problems, one of the best alternatives you can . . .

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