Internet Friends Or Catfish?

Internet Friends Or Catfish?

So I know that many people are against meeting people online because of the MTV show "Catfish," or because you don’t know whom you’re talking to online. That’s definitely true if the other person won’t talk on the phone or video chat, and all that you see of them are pictures and texts. Then I can definitely see how it can get sketchy and suspicious. However, what if you meet someone online, video chat/talk on the phone with them constantly and confide in them? Everyone deals with meeting people online in a different way, but thankfully, all of my experiences have turned out positive.

While reading this, you may be thinking, “This girl is crazy. Why would she be advocating meeting a stranger online?” I’m most certainly not trying to persuade people into thinking that everyone you meet online is all smiles and sincerity. Of course, there are pedophiles and weird stalkerish people on the Internet, but there are also people whom you never knew you had so much in common with on the Internet as well. Before I begin, let me also mention that though I’ve conversed with some people from my . . .

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