New Hotels for All Your Out-of-Town Guests (Starting at $150 a Night)

New Hotels for All Your Out-of-Town Guests (Starting at $150 a Night)

It’s a classic New York story: Girl follows her dreams and moves to the city. Girl is immediately inundated with requests from relatives, friends, acquaintances and near-strangers to stay with her. Next time you’re faced with a lodging inquiry, send ’em to one of these newly opened hotels instead (and both parties will be much happier).

For Your Friend Who’s Always On The Pulse: Public Hotel
“Luxury for all” is the motto at the just-unveiled project from hospitality legend Ian Schrager. (He revamped the Gramercy Park Hotel and co-founded a little place called Studio 54.) You won’t find bellhops, room service or a traditional reception desk here, but you will find chic, minimalist rooms; a quick-service “dining shelf” on each floor; two restaurants (helmed by wonder chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten); and a performance space that hosts everything from film screenings to concerts.

For Your Relatives Who Insist On Staying In Times Square: Luma Hotel
You can’t talk them out of taking pictures with fake Elmo, but you can ensure at least part of their stay is tasteful by booking them at this brand-new hotel. They’ll be treated . . .

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