Ways to Prevent Your Cat from Scratching Your Furniture

Ways to Prevent Your Cat from Scratching Your Furniture

You will have probably experienced it or heard of horror stories about cats scratching and destroying furniture in the house. In fact, many people think twice about getting cats because they fear that the cats will destroy the expensive furniture with their claws. Many of us cat owners mitigate the risk by often buying cat friendly furniture, cue fabric sofas. Before we reveal some tips to prevent your cat from scratching your furniture, you must first understand why do cats scratch.

Cats scratch to mark their territories. By leaving visible scratch marks on objects, they are claiming the objects and area as theirs. When a cat scratches an object, he leaves his scent on it as well. When other cats approach, they will notice the visual marking and scent marking. Our cats will tend to scratch places where we spend most time at and that . . .

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