Wooden shutters swing open to reveal Miami house by Brillhart Architecture

Wooden shutters swing open to reveal Miami house by Brillhart Architecture

Florida-based studio Brillhart Architecture has completed a home fronted by slatted wooden shutters in a lush Miami forest (+ movie). The house, named Brillhart Residence, was designed by husband-and-wife duo Jacob and Melissa Brillhart for themselves to live in. They wanted the single-storey building to "reflect a new architecture for the tropics", and took cues from local construction techniques and materials during the design process.

"The house is deeply connected to the landscape," said the architects.

"It relies on interpretations of specific vernacular principles – the Dog Trot, American Glass Pavilion typology, and Tropical Modernism – which have embedded environmental considerations; and gives architectural primacy to composition, materiality and the logics of construction."

Miami's tropical climate imposed specific requirements. In response to local building codes and in anticipation of rising sea levels, the structure is lifted five feet (1.5 metres) off the ground on top of concrete beams that span its length.

The architects wanted the two-bedroom house to be quite compact, so the interior occupies 1,500 square feet (140 square metres) and the external verandas add 800 square feet (75 square metres).

Both verandas provide access to the house and are reached by symmetrical . . .

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